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MINSPI – Michigan Nightstalkers Paranormal Investigations

Have something to say about our haunt? Please post your experience below, or e-mail our “Scare Coordinator” at jen@splatmandu.com to submit a short story about your experience! Please include your name, date(s) attended, and a brief description of your visit, including any paranormal activity you might have witnessed. If you wish your experience to remain confidential, please e-mail your experience only.

 “SplatmanBOO was awesome! I can’t remember the last time I was so scared. It was so great I came back with more friends on Saturday, and got scared all over again! ”


– Tracy, Marcellus, MI submitted 10/1/05

“Cyrus and I are completely speechless! SplatmanBOO was so cool!!!! We couldn’t stop talking about it for almost a week!
To think that all the hard work and creativity that you all put into it was all for Chris leaves me once again at a loss for words on how to even begin to say thank you. We agree 110% that it should be done again next year….It was sooo much fun going through it…Hats off to everyone that was involved and THANK YOU. ”

– Annie (Fiance of Chris – reason
for creating SplatmanBOO)
– submitted 11/14/04

Hats off to all those involved with SplatmanBOO… from conception, to construction,
to completion… it was outstanding.My congrats to those who caused lack of bladder control… great characters….costumes…. imagination, as well as a great cause…. next year is a must.

– Amy Baker submitted 10/31/04

(edited to not give away the effects or embarrassed patron names)

We had such a good time at BOO!!!!! I’m so glad I went… It was very organized and ran very smoothly… WELL DONE TO ALL INVOLVED! The ____ was my favorite…totally unexpected! It kept on all of us screaming all the way. _____ were so not ready when ____  jumped out at us. And I can’t say enough about ______ we jumped a foot. Our group cracked up at ___. One of them stayed on her and ____ kept screaming and running around and around the group to get away. Our group consisted of two young men and a gal – the three of us – and a big guy and his girlfriend. They had a great time and kept saying they were surprised at how well it was done. I could go on and on about it. SCARY FUN WAS HAD BY ALL!!  

     – Debra Cooley, Hopkins, MI

submitted 10/30/2006

I talked to a friend that was in the last group before the rain started.  She said they didn’t get all the way through before we called it, but what she did see, scared the crap out of her. She likes going to all the abandoned hospitals and jails for the hauntings and told me the Boo scared her more than the old haunted buildings. Heck, my sister didn’t even make it to the first scare before she turned around!


– Friend of Scotty B. (Operations and Maintenance – SplatmanBOO ‘07)

submitted 10/29/2007

One girl told us she liked how we touched every scare/fear that someone could have. She was also glad that it wasn’t one consistent theme throughout. Two told us it was MUCH better than another haunt in southern Michigan that rhymes with aisles. I was also asked by one of them to say thank you to all the volunteers for a Kickbutt night and for all the effort that was put into it. He said that part of it was unbelievable and they will definitely be back next year. He still has his spirit bag… I also talked with someone that attended the Boo that used to work at Universal Studios. She said they do a pretty big production for their Halloween. She said that our costumes and makeup were on par with what she saw when she worked there. Also she said that our performances were Outstanding!

Co-Worker of staff, Kalamazoo MI  submitted 11/1/2007


An awesome haunted trail worth the drive and the price is exceptional! What an awesome idea for raising money for women and children in need. Thanks Splatmandu!

Jillian – added on Hauntworld.com comment wall 2009


A friend of mine decided to go to the haunt in Kalamazoo…the one rated number one on the hit list, and he said it was not worth the fifteen dollar entry fee. His family, brother in law, sister and friends, came to our little get-together. And I quote ” You need to charge a lot more than 5 dollars!” They then told me how much fun they all had, and how we all did a great job. Two of their group turned around at the big doors at the very beginning, and the rest laughed and screamed their way through the trail. They will be back for sure next year, and bringing others.

Friend of staff member of SplatmanBOO – Submitted 11/01/2009

 I had a friend that went to Cedar Point for their “Haunted Park”. They said “it was really cool but didn’t even come close to the scare factor the BOO inflicts.” Gotta love hearing that.

Friend of staff member of SplatmanBOO – submitted 11/2/2009

WAS AWESOME! I loved every minute of it. My favorite was when the Swamp Thing Character jumped out of no where. One of the guys in my group about jumped in his girlfriend’s arms. It was absolutely awesome. Loved it all. All of you did a fabulous job putting it on. Great job. See you all next year!

Posted on 10/23/2016 – review taken from HauntedHouseAssociation.org

ABSOLUTELY TERRIFYING! We came through with a group of six. Two of us didn’t make it all the way through. I felt bad that I had to leave them to fend for themselves, but I was just too terrified to wait and didn’t want to turn back. We ran/ screamed most of the trail. My sister was crying she was so scared. Even on a run, took us over 40 minutes to get through the trail. We were all so exhausted and hoarse from screaming so much. It was one of the scariest, best experiences I’ve had at an event like this in I don’t know how long. Definitely worth the price and I am so excited for this year. They could charge way more. These people put on one heck of a show people! You don’t want to miss out. They are only open one night a year so get there early!

Posted 10/9/2016 on MichiganHauntedHouses.com

I have been to this event for the past three years and I absolutely love it! I love the scare, the characters, the games that are played while you wait in line and the fact that the proceeds go to such a great cause. I have spread the word about this with many and I hope others do as well. Thanks SplatmanBoo for great scares, great memories and great fun!!

-posted by Tonya Mcgehee 8.31.2017 to Frightfind.com

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  1. 11-01-2010 – I just wanted to know how much my family enjoyed the Splatmanboo Haunted Forest last night. A lot of creative hard work was put into your show. Since the event is for charity, it makes it even better! I have visited you three times now. You are also a great place to bring exchange students! My family attended a few haunted events this year, and your haunted forest was the best, the scariest, and most realistic. Thank you to one of your characters who followed my son out to our car. It made his night!! We are coming back next year! You Rock!

  2. This is the best year yet. i brought my daughter and her friends last year and they were terrified. we came back this year 2010 and it was even better. they even had a part where i was pulled into an area,leaving my daughter alone to go through the city maze of buildings. and then i got to scare her myself when they came out of a building. how cool is that! we love the boo and will continue to support the great people of this club. the domestic assault shelter would be in dire straights if not for these amazing club members. hats off! keep up the great work!

  3. SplatmanBOO was awesome! Before we even went through, you could hear screams coming from the woods. The entire time we were walking through the trail I had a nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach not knowing what was coming up next. Everything was creative and well put together. I really don’t know how they came up with some of their ideas. Hours after my group had went through, we were still talking about how great it was. On top of that, it’s for a very good cause. I’m sorry we didn’t go years ago.

  4. I’ve been a part of The Boo from the very beginning and therefore I thought I knew what to expect around every corner. This year (during my repeated trips around the trail to make sure everything is running smoothly/or to help those guests who can’t continue forward find their way safely out of the woods) I found myself scared by unexpected events along the way. Hats off to “you know who you are” for scaring me!!!

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