Common Questions

When are you open, how much does it cost and how do I get there?  

See the “ Getting Here ” Link for directions. The cost, always $5.00 every year, no matter what. We are only open ONE  NIGHT, so plan accordingly! We’re non-profit, therefore our staff is working for free, and we can’t take up too much of their personal time, no matter how much fun it might be!

Is it scary?

SplatmanBOO Haunted Forest is.. well, I could insert some sort of corny saying here, but the fact of the matter is…Yes. You will scream and yes, you will run. Prepare yourself. Get those tennis shoes on.

But is it really scary?

Pay attention people! Read above. Each person is scared by something, and we embody “something.” We boast that this is the best haunt in Michigan for $5.00. We touch on all the senses, and since we are only running ONE NIGHT, we need to make the most of the scare time we have. There are things happening in these woods that we have no part in, and yes, it can actually be quite terrifying.

 Will any creatures touch me?

In past years I would have said we have a “no touch” policy – you don’t touch us, we don’t touch you. Given the fact that there is activity in these woods that we aren’t sure of , we can no longer guarantee that you won’t be touched… especially if you touch us first… and you might not know you did… so be wary!  

Can I bring my kids?

We STRONGLY don’t recommend it. This event is set up to scare the adults. Children will not be turned away, but be prepared for sleepless nights with your kids in your bed. Our staff is instructed to hit the kids even harder than the adults. As always, fear is relative, so they might be able to handle it, but the parent is the ultimate decision-maker. Also, from my own personal experience in these woods, depending on what is watching out there, it might even be too much for adults, so children should stay away.  We cannot guarantee what they will witness.

Is there a discount for small children?

No. We do not recommend SplatmanBOO Haunted Forest for very young children. If you choose to bring them, they will pay the same price as everyone else. Children who are too young or too scared to enter may wait for their party at the send-off booth, but we don’t recommend it. If your children are too scared, maybe that’s a sign that this is not the event for them. Get a sitter, and come back out!

Do you offer group discounts?

No. We are only running for ONE NIGHT, and it’s all on a first come, first serve basis. We do our best so that group sizes are never larger than 8, so plan accordingly. We want the same quality show for each group, and this is the best way to accommodate. Also, should there be an emergency situation where we need to clear the woods, it is easier to lead a group of 8 out than say, 15 at a time. We might lose one or two.

Are you handicap accessible?

Sort of.. not really. We have had patrons in electric wheelchairs visit us, but the trail is not built to accommodate. The journey will be shortened for those in wheelchairs, and might lose some of the ambiance. In order to maintain our high safety standards, we do not recommend taking crutches and other such devices out in the forest. This is a 24 acre hike through the woods remember. Use your own best judgment. And as mentioned above, if there is an emergency situation, our staff must be able to get you out quickly.

Can anyone come to SplatmanBOO Haunted Forest?

SplatmanBOO Haunted Forest is not recommended for patrons with heart conditions, epileptics, expectant mothers, asthmatics, children under 14 (unless accompanied by an adult), or those with poor bladder control. Some scenes are graphic in nature and depict torture and death. Some people may find this haunt very disturbing and offensive. However, should any accidents happen, we do have the ability to call 911.

How long can I expect to wait?

Wait times vary. To ensure a quality scare for each group, we try and wait five minutes between group release times, so you will never run into another group. And as stated above, we try our best to never exceed 8 per group, so check out the line, and do the math. We will have food and beverage available in the line, so hang in there and give us a try! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

How long should I leave my children before picking them up?

Please DO NOT LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN unattended! This trail is a walk through the woods, not a place to spend the evening. Once you have finished the walk, you are directed back out to the parking area, so if you are too chicken to go through with the kids, wait for them in the car so they know where to find you with no worries.

Is it the same as last year?

Never. The trail changes each year, (and sometimes several times a night) so if you go through more than once, you’ll be bound to see a different show each time. And as it has been mentioned many times above, we cannot be sure WHAT you will see while in these woods, so even people in the same group might have different experiences.

Is it better than last year?

Of course! Each person we surveyed last year said so. Also, we are pulling out all the stops for our ONE NIGHT EVENT, so we expect a truly haunting experience for each guest.

What charity does this benefit?

All our proceeds benefit the Women’s Domestic Assault Shelter of Three Rivers. Our property was formerly a Paintball Field, and The DASAS was our charity of choice. Each year we are able to provide the women and children currently at the shelter with the items they need to make their quality of life better at this juncture. We won’t quit giving as long as there are wonderful people like yourselves to help us out. To check out how you might be able to help the DASAS, check out a link to their homepage here.

Are you open Halloween?

YES!!! … when it falls on a Saturday. We only run one night a year, usually the last Saturday in the month of October.  If we can continue to get our actors to come back after spending an evening out there we may try a Halloween event in future years. We really have no idea how bad it is going to get out there from year to year.

Do I get my money back if I don’t make it through the entire trail?

(added 10/29/2008) UMMMM.… no. Let’s recap here. You came here to get scared, we did our jobs, and then you want your money back?!?! This is a CHARITY EVENT … why on EARTH would you want your $5 bucks returned … got anywhere else you can have such a great time for $5.00?!!?! I am a little disgusted by the question. If anything there should be a $20.00 penalty assessed if you even THINK of asking the ticket booth for your money back. Enough said there.

 What is the “Chicken Chair”? 

 (added 10/31/2008) Well… I am glad you asked. Starting for our 2009 event, those that cannot/choose to not continue their journey through our forest – opting for the safety of the send-off booth to wait- will have to sit in the “Chicken Chair” while waiting for their group to exit the forest. A little extreme yes, but like mentioned above… you came here to get scared, and if the woods are too much for you, well.. have a seat, your group will have a place to find you.

What if there is a problem or emergency situation?

(added 10/20/2011)  We are looking out not just for you, but for the safety and enjoyment of everyone on the property. If an actor or crew member breaks out of character to give you instructions, you can bet there’s a good reason for it and you need to listen carefully and comply immediately. 

If you have questions we didn’t answer, e-mail our “Scare Coordinator” at and we will respond as soon as we can. If we keep getting the same question over and over, we’ll add it to this list.